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Icknield Port Loop

Icknield Port Loop

Sustainability in a stunning city centre landscape 

Talbot Landscapes undertook the role for development of a distinctive and attractive public open space at Icknield Port Loop. The primary objective was to create a vibrant resource for passive recreation, social cohesion, and community life. The open space was designed to nurture a sense of identity and place in the heart of the area, offering residents and workers an enjoyable environment for leisure activities, play, and informal recreation. 

Meeting Expectations 

From the beginning, Talbot Landscapes collaborated closely with the client team to ensure the successful delivery of the project. A “teamwork” approach was adopted, leading the value engineering process to align the scheme with the client’s budget while remaining mindful of the client’s brief. Through effective communication, proactive thinking, and forward planning, Talbot Landscapes engaged with the wider client team to allow flexibility in the design and phasing of the works.  

The works   

The use of the adjacent canal to deliver plants to the site was both nostalgic for the team and the most sustainable solution. Talbot Landscapes took responsibility for the design and delivery of the project, which included significant earthworks, drainage schemes, hard and soft landscaping, street furniture, and external lighting. 

Crafting the landscape 

A key aspect of the project involved shaping the landscape topography to meet the park design’s unique requirements. Talbot Landscapes constructed sculptural landforms using subsoil and topsoil as specified. Whenever possible, subsoil from other areas of the site was reused to minimize the need for imported materials. The paths between these landforms featured in-situ concrete panels imprinted with a bespoke pattern, along with concrete stepping-stones. 

Lighting display 

The lighting scheme was designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space. It included 2-meter high slimline bollard lights along the pathways, LED strip lights integrated into the bench seats, and uplights accentuating the feature trees. The lighting elements were strategically positioned to provide a pleasant ambiance while ensuring safety and visibility during nightime use of the park. 



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