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Processes & Quality

Processes &

Our quality system

Core to the delivery of our mission “we transform landscapes” is the underlying principle of quality.

What that means to us, is repeatedly delivering to an agreed standard for all our stakeholders. We understand our stakeholders include customers, employees, suppliers, our immediate community and we consider how our services sit within the environment. We transform landscapes implies a positive and sustainable change to the green assets in your immediate environment, to do that, we need to ensure that we have systems of control to give assurance that our service levels are repeatedly performed to our agreed standard.

Our business strategy has prioritised investment in governance. Corporate and Social Responsibility “CSR” and Quality (including Health, Safety and Welfare) is agenda item number one in all board meetings. A Senior Independent Director leads our strategy in this area and is charged with supporting the delivery of our objectives including coaching our team, a process of continuous improvement. 

Resting routinely within our IMS System are our processes and controls over ISO 9001, ISO14001 and Health, Safety and Welfare, collectively “IMS” or ““HSQE”. We actively encourage a “behaviour led” safety culture alongside the monitoring of trends in our safety data and independently audited under the ISO9001:2015 standard.


We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company. We engage professionals to independently confirm that our processes are fully compliant with best in class quality standards.

We have standardised our Integrated Management System built upon both the exacting standards placed on us by our premium customer base over 30 years and increasing our understanding and application of ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001. 

Each team member has the responsibility to correct issues of quality immediately or escalate accordingly. (ie. a ‘don’t walk by’ policy). Daily updates from site are received by the office HSQE personnel and all open issues are discussed within the weekly project meeting. 

Near misses or non-conformances are easily recorded within our software app used by all staff which reports issues to appropriate levels of escalation and our lessons learned processes. Our IMS supports a repeated commitment to policy, resource planning, risk-based assessment, emergency response planning, incident reporting, hazard identification and risk assessments. 

We have a thorough process of supervision and workplace and project site audits. We have trained fire officers, qualified first aiders and certain vehicles fitted with defibrillators. 

Continuous Improvement and Internal Audit

Our IMS includes a continuous improvement process learning from near misses, non-conformances and other observations. Where there is an increased risk in respect of safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults, we deploy a DBS checked team.

Our IMS reviews our training plans and keeps programmes up to date with changes in law and also initiatives successful in other companies or sectors. We have advanced apprentice and continual professional development programmes to ensure all staff hold the relevant skills and cards.

Our experience on prestigious landscaping contracts over the last 30 years has led us to develop and innovate in sustainable systems for ensuring both a quality and environmentally sensitive service. We have built and continue to develop an habitual safety culture consistent with the environmental aspirations within ISO14001. 

We will add an independent ISO14001 audit to our IMS system in Q4 2024.