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Turf Technology

Turf Technology

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Turf Technology

We have 30 years expertise in the production of high quality turf for application to premier landscape vistas or elite sporting surfaces.

We are proud to have laid turf at both the “old” and “new” Wembley

This unique knowledgebase comes from us having our own turf fields guaranteeing regular supply of quality turf and soil. We understand the production, harvesting and laying of turf better than anyone.

Like many engineers or specialists, we have enjoyed innovating with modifications to original equipment manufacturer “OEM” machinery available in the marketplace and gone beyond that to develop step change unique harvesting equipment.

Our harvesting delivers an even depth of rootzone and soil giving your new surface a perfect finish right from day one. Our equipment will decrease the time it takes us to lay surfaces whilst simultaneously improving the quality and finish.

Our “Talbot Turf Porter III” can lay turf from rolls of widths from 21” to 48” using it’s unique self-rolling mechanism to prevent scratching of the plants or damage the root system. 

The Talbot Easi Knit compresses the individual strips of turf after laying which improves the turf knitting process. 

We bring socially responsible strategies with a zero carbon objective, minimising pollution and maximising environmental enhancement. Where we need to source turf, we have partnerships with major turf producers to select only the highest standard of turf for our clients with each plant selected especially to suit your exact requirements. Our technical team is led by a market leading agronomist.

We conduct turf reviews, assessments, specifications and designs, feel free to contact us to chat about your project.

Case Studies

Hyde Park

Talbot has, for the last eight years, been responsible for the remediation works following Winter Wonderland.

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