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Services in public parks

Services in public parks

We have provided a wide ranging and repeat landscape maintenance service to the Royal Parks. Some services supplied include:


An extensive machinery portfolio enables us to, pedestrian mow using cylinder or rotary, self-propelled with rotary or cylinder, tractor mounted rotary or cylinder, all of which can allow the clippings to be collected or let fly.


A number of our skilled operatives are qualified in Hedgelaying and the sympathetic management of hedgerows for wildlife diversity and landscape .


Topdressing can be done using pedestrian, self-propelled or tractor trailed machines, as drop spreaders or spinning disk depending upon the application.


Overseeding can be conducted using disk-seeders, dimple-seeders or by means of broadcasting, again depending upon the application required all within the existing machinery portfolio.


We can aerate to varying depths and specifications using in-house machinery tailored for all grass surfaces.

Our fleet and time served and qualified staff are sought out by many horticultural associations.

Site Cleanse and Leaf Collection

Our supervisors are qualified to organise litter picking in any park on a daily basis.  We use small pedestrian or wide area tractor mounted vacuums for the leaf collection. This presents the park for the public, reduces danger for birds or wildlife and damage to the various maintenance machinery.  Litter is segregated and recycled in accordance with an agreed Waste Management Plan.


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