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Policy & Process

About Talbot Landscapes

We transform landscapes

About Us

Talbot Landscapes supplies a full range of landscaping and related services to the construction, public realm, sports terrain and other markets. We are the innovator in turf supply, providing sustainable solutions using the latest equipment.

Based near Derby in the heart of the English midlands we advise, construct and maintain sustainable landscaping services in many different areas throughout the UK such as construction sites, council amenities, city parks and recreational areas, large country estates, premier sporting surfaces, the playing fields of our best schools, many realm locations and numerous housing developments.

We are reliable partners supplying turf to elite performance surfaces including the Olympic Stadium, Championship golf courses and local golf clubs, the top performing football clubs including Premiership pitches and training grounds and our best rugby football and league clubs.

We recruit and retain a skilled team of designers, landscapers and equipment technicians, passionate about delivering the best possible surfaces to our customers, we transform landscapes.

We routinely advise our customers in the planning, construction and maintenance of new or replacement surfaces, contact us here and we will gladly assist you in your project.


Talbot Landscapes is a business built from the experience in equipment and operational delivery on a rich heritage of projects to the construction, public realm, sports terrain and other markets.

Skills & Vision

Unrivalled skill and expertise

We have a strong history of delivery of innovative environments to our customers.

The repeated application of our services to premier locations, clients  and properties has built a unique skillset and equipment base. You will benefit from our experience delivering at The Royal Parks, Dorchester Hotel and Loch Lomond.

Our vision is to truly transform our customers’ landscapes, we do this by listening carefully to your needs and specifications, by applying our experience and expertise and routinely planning and carefully project managing the construction or maintenance to deliver a sustainable solution.


CSR refers to the way in which businesses regulate themselves in order to ensure that all of their activities positively affect society as a whole. CSR policies aim to guarantee that companies work ethically, considering human rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what they do as a business. Businesses should meet, and aim to exceed, any relevant legislation, and if legislation does not exist in a particular area, the company should ensure they carry out best practices anyway.

Talbot Landscapes are committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible by following the below policy.

Who we are and what we do

We transform landscapes. We are specialists in soft and hard landscaping, turf and sports surfaces deploying the most advanced equipment available.

Privately owned based in the heart of England we offer an unparalleled level of expertise to our customer’s projects.  We are in demand from our great heritage of public realm estates, to the world’s leading hotels and elite sporting surfaces within the Premier League, Super League rugby, international cricket, and golf.

We lead in green solutions, we deliver a sustainable quality service each & every time.

Our Mission:

We transform landscapes, those of our customers, our team and our community.

Our Vision:

To provide an unparalleled level of expertise and skill to our customer’s projects

Our Values:

Innovation, Integrity, Responsibility

Our Team

We attract & retain great people, passionate about their landscapes.  We recognise the importance of quality, health, safety and environmental issues in how we go to work and we train our team accordingly. We encourage an inclusive and healthy work environment with positive communication channels for all.

Our Customers

We are proactive in our communication with customers and measure satisfaction before, during and after our safely delivered projects. We are comfortable leading with innovation in equipment and landscape solutions, benefiting our customer and the community in general.

Our Suppliers

We bring innovation, integrity and responsibility through effective sourcing of supplies and technical partnerships. We monitor our partnerships to ensure they align to our mission

Our Community and Environment

We plan and execute our work to leave a positive impact on the local community and environment around our project sites. We readily employ from underrepresented groups and support our team and the community with initiatives beneficial to them. We seek to re-use and recycle where possible, a commitment to greener fuel usage, a clear green conscience integral to our responsibility value.


Our CSR committee includes our shareholders and non-executive team and convenes at each board meeting. We have set clear targets against each line of our mission, vision and values to monitor progress. The CSR committee is resourced appropriately to deliver on these terms of reference.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

An extension of our CSR governance is our commitment to things around us.


We are committed to maintaining an ecological balance to ensure environmental resources will be protected and maintained for future generations.

Our objective is to be net zero by 2030. We are upskilling in the ISO standards necessary to support this objective.

We promote ESG initiatives through our membership of green organisations and societies.

We are leading the sector in the adoption of electric equipment replacing existing fossil fuel machinery with new fully electric machinery when commercially available.


We remunerate above the Real Living Wage and recruit and train apprentices, providing an entry into horticulture and Equal Opportunities to a diverse workforce.

We engage with the communities around us, educating on ESG and supporting diversity.

Our CSR initiatives inject funds into community projects.


We act responsibly today for all our tomorrows, honestly reporting on our operations and services.

We have independent review mechanisms to assess our service delivery.

We keep the team updated on our plans and performance, we welcome feedback and we listen to advise from other professionals to help us to grow.


We transform landscapes sustainably.

Sustainable landscapes create comfortable, healthy, and accessible environments without negatively impacting the planet.

This creates communities of low carbon landscaping, which maximises carbon sequestration, promotes biodiversity, cleaning the air and water.

It is also a planet purposefully landscaped to mitigate the impacts of climate change that we are already facing.

Sustainability forms an integral part of decision making from design, material specification, procurement to on-site construction maximising additional benefits around social value, biodiversity gain, pollution reduction and cost savings. This requires early engagement with design teams, the supply chain, local communities, and all relevant stakeholders.

We advocate a collaborative and holistic approach to sustainability set around the core themes consistent with the economic, social and environmental pillars within sustainability strategies of our customers.

Green landscapes: The healthy functioning of any landscape depends on soil ecosystem services that include carbon storage, regulation of the water cycle, and biodiversity support. Damage to soil during project works is reduced by for instance minimising excavation and compaction.

Low carbon landscapes: Low carbon and natural materials such as timber and cork are prioritised. We are committed to the electrification of our fleet, maximising biofuel and bio-oils currently.

All engine powered plant is compliant with Stage V emissions and equipped with urban silenced mufflers. Opportunities for local and responsible sourcing are explored and recycled content and durability criteria are part of our material selection procedure.

On an individual level, our approach will enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprints by promoting active and sustainable activity within their estates.

Clean landscapes: By incorporating circular economy principles we reduce waste at source and encourage the treatment of is as potential resource. This includes reusing soils and timber from felled trees, working with the supply chain to minimise unnecessary packaging etc. A 100% diversion from landfill target is set for project construction and further reuse and recycling KPIs are prioritised.

Resilient landscapes: Prioritising nature-based drainage solutions, such as rain gardens and swales, and the selection of permeable hardscape materials to reduce stormwater runoff and the risk of flooding, while at the same time enhancing biodiversity creates visually pleasing amenity spaces.

We specify plants resilient to both heavy rainfall and long periods of drought associated with climate change.

Microclimatic landscaping incorporates passive cooling and shading to create comfortable spaces all year round.

Healthy landscapes: A healthy landscape is restorative, uplifting and inclusive.

Health and wellbeing promotion will be targeted with the construction of spaces that facilitate both social interaction and quiet downtime. A sense of safety through activity, accessibility, visibility and lighting, encouraging outdoor exercise and enabling people to meet.

Apprentices – Cultivating the next generation

Underpinning our mission statement, “we transform landscapes” is the aspiration to be the pioneering leader in the delivery of sustainable management of public parks, elite sporting surfaces and greenspaces.

We have built a specialist business from years of hands-on landscaping and turf growing experience and are totally committed to the importance of ‘life-long learning’, apprenticeships, sustainable organic methods, training and continuous professional development (CPD).

We engageave colleges or mentors to support in lifelong learning on sustainability and organic gardening.

Passionate about growing our industry and cultivating the next generation we have some 21 years of nurturing trainees within our internal Apprenticeship Scheme, providing an entry into horticulture, varied work experience, career development and lifetime of learning.

We fully appreciate that high-quality apprenticeships help our business to grow and give people of all ages and backgrounds a chance to learn new skills, have better paid jobs, and get ahead in their chosen career in horticulture & landscaping. We demonstrate a particular interest in the recruiting from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds.

We have successfully seen 30+ employees progress through the company, attaining hands-on site experience, and obtain ‘end-point assessment’ (EPA) as the final stage of their apprenticeship. This is an impartial assessment of whether our apprentice has developed the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the ‘Apprenticeship Standard’.

We are currently CSCS ‘Platinum Award Holders’, with >90% staff qualified with construction skills competence scheme certificates (CSCS).

Our ‘Horticultural Resource Team’ is led by a horticultural college graduate with 25 years practical experience. The team includes professional gardeners, grounds staff, nurserymen, and landscape operatives available for deployment.

We have an incumbent RHS accredited Garden Designer, with outstanding plant knowledge, who provides detailed planting schemes, management regimes, and species selection advice when required.

Our ‘Arboriculture Resource Team’ includes qualified tree surgeons, chainsaw-qualified operatives, and trained, experience based, retained staff who have successfully progressed through the Internal Apprenticeship Scheme.

We are aligned to the objectives of the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (AAN), the group whose main aim is to spearhead the commitment to apprenticeship delivery, and champion and support marketing, publicity, and events to raise awareness of apprenticeships. We position ourselves as to ‘benchmark & showcase’ modern apprentices ‘leading by example’ and encouraging other employers in the British Landscape Industry to deliver more for their apprentices.