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Crib Wall Construction

Crib Wall Construction


Specialist landscaping skillset

We are trusted by customers including contractors and large national retailers in the specialist or complex landscaping needs within their estates or client base.

This project required a detailed engineering and delivery plan for a failed crib wall in the heart of a busy city centre abutting many neighbouring residences.

The failed wall had invaded private gardens, necessitating discussions with local residents. Our team were contracted to do a full design and build package for the failed wall. Talbot Landscapes, ever the flexible one, set out to repair the wall and public relations.

Overcoming challenges 

These works had a fair share of challenges that required our knowledgeable teams to navigate with care and precision. Being in the centre of a busy town left Talbot with limited access and the challenge of performing all our work cognisant of access rights of local residences and minimising disruption. Talbot used low ground pressure and tracked running gear (mini sized) to accommodate tight working area and restricted access. Talbot placed emphasis on good open communication with local residents. 

The structure 

The replacement crib wall structure was brilliantly engineered by our experts here at Talbot. A timber frame structure with reinforced concrete foundations, infilled with single-sized large particle hard stone aggregate. Talbot engineered the wall to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining a strong, long-lasting structure. This structure proved far more subtle and inviting than rock basket gabions or stern steel sheet piling. 


We made sure the new crib wall structure wouldn’t fail again by implementing our detailed drainage designs. The porous nature of the structure allows rapid dissipation of any groundwater that may issue from the bank ensuring a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment. As part of the design and build deliver Talbot crafted a detailed land drainage system, complete with a toe-drain at the structure’s base. This collected any accumulated water and directed it to a buried storm cell water attenuation device, ensuring a sustainable drainage. 

Garden reinstatement 

We understood the negative effect that the failed structure had on local resident and set about to help reconcile their relationship with the retailer (in this case a supermarket). Our reinstatement of the private gardens included replacement fencing adorned with residents’ preferred paint colours, levelling and re-turfing of lawns, and the joyful placement of sheds, playhouses, and children’s swings. 



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Case Studies

Services in public parks

We have conducted contracts at Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II listed landscapes. Some examples of Grade I include, Hyde Park, Windsor Great Park, Regents Park and very local to us the ancestral home of Lord Curzon the beautiful Kedleston Hall.

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Crib Wall Construction

This contract wasn’t just important or our client but the residents close by as well. Talbot went the extra mile to make sure everyone was satisfied.

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