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Vincent Square, Westminster.

Vincent Square, Westminster.

Westminster School playing fields.

The works

Talbot were contracted to improve the surfaces and functionality of four football pitches and a cricket pitch at Vincent Square, Westminster, London.  

Our client required particular attention to the drainage and irrigation systems, and we were able to devise a plan to enable greater availability of playing time on the surfaces each week.  

 Complimentary to installation of our drainage and irrigation plan, we embarked on the removal of the old soil. This was then replaced with high quality topsoil that is graded to ensure the playing fields evenness and then expertly sowed to ensure a smooth playing surface and luscious green finish. 

A beautifully challenging environment 

Our biggest challenge yet? Located in the City of Westminster, central London is Vincent Square home to the prestigious Westminster School. The beautiful square is surrounded by narrow streets and rows of town houses.  

Our team put together a logistics plan for the delivery of and removal of materials to work seamlessly with our onsite team throughout the project.  

As is routinely the case, we have to perform our work alongside other contractors to achieve the timescale and to get the grounds ready for the return to school.  

Environmentally sensitive workplace/ public relations

We plan and execute our work mindful of the environment, sustainability, our clients and other stakeholders in the location. Residents around Vincent Square were kept up to date on the organisation and timeline of the project to ensure disruptions were minimal. 

Good site practices are applied, ensuring dust, mess, and noise levels remain a minimum.  

Our efforts didn’t go unnoticed as we received thank you letters from residents and a certificate of excellence from the Considerate Constructors Scheme.  


 Bordering Vincent Square are many mature trees that have been there for many decades, possibly centuries. Understanding the heritage in this special corner of Westminster, particularly appreciating the personality and home which the trees give to the square and its inhabitants, integral to our plan were procedures to protect the trees throughout the job.

Drainage & Irrigation 

To ensure the most efficient drainage we installed primary and secondary drainage systems. 

The primary drainage includes trenches filled with gravel to act as a soak away. Any left-over water is transported by the drainage pipes to a backup soak away area away from the pitches. Secondary slit drains were installed across the playing fields to assist the speed of drainage to the primary system.  

Out with the old and in with the new …. our new irrigation systems were installed in place of the old irrigation system. The difference? A system that performs quieter and better than the old one on the same water and electricity supply. Not only is it quieter it is concealed by a hedgerow to retain the visual appeal for all residents and users. 


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