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Who looks after the "Beds, Meds, Sheds" and movie studios?

All landlords are aware that maintaining the green assets around their property is important to securing continued occupancy. We are routinely engaged on major distribution developments, constructing and maintaining the hard and soft landscaping in 200+ acre industrial parks where the occupiers are premier brands including medical technology, life sciences, retail, chemical, household products, brewing and engineering.

The landscaping in these large multi-sector industrial parks, residential developments or indeed movie studios must be functional with clear lines supporting car parking, cycle routes, cycle parking, safe walkways, security lighting and sustainable green spaces.

Sourcing the best horticultural materials

We are practiced in the sourcing of beautifully diverse, suitably robust and sustainable horticultural materials. In this example, our work included urban amenity planting and arboriculture with strata cell tree pit constructions, semi-mature tree planting, BS3882 topsoiling works, ornamental shrub, whip and hedge planting, turfing, hydroseeding and fencing.

Our horticulture team can support you to select the correct plants, trees or srubs at the correct height and girth density to deliver a sustainable and aesthetic look.

Here we planted 30cm Tilia Euchloraeavy, 30cm Prunus Padus, 30cm Pinus Sylvestris, Scallonia ‘Donard Seedling’ Shrub and we got really positive feedback from the park users, staff and visitors to the site on the results.

Maintain the “green assets” at your retail park

Maintaining a retail park can considerably increase the productivity of businesses based there. A clean well landscaped environment is more appealing to staff (recruitment and retention) and increases productivity. We bring a skilled and experienced team to maintain your green assets, attracting staff and customers alike.

Collaborative working

We are experienced in the development of landscaping plans for your retail site or park. We routinely build outside office or part-covered meeting areas to maximise the use of your outside areas throughout the year. We can put together sustainable landscaping plans for you. All of our work is carried out under our ISO9001 quality standards.

With our capabilities and expertise, we are the trusted partners to maintain your assets. 

We transform landscapes

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Case Studies

Icknield Port Loop

We created an open space designed to nurture a sense of identity and place in the heart of the area, offering residents and workers an enjoyable environment for leisure activities, play, and informal recreation.

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Commonwealth Games village

We were engaged by the lead contractor to undertake varied soft and hard landscaping and tree planting before, during and after 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

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