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What do you like about your job?

We are often asked this question, the honest answer is it depends on the day you ask. 

Like all jobs, the truth can be long or short, but in our case whilst it might be influenced by the weather, it will likely include some mention of how we experience feedback on our work and the working environment we experience. 

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions"

What do you like about your job? … “The regular feedback and sense of achievement”

We are the lucky ones, we get positive feedback every day. An immediate hit of satisfaction as we shape the landscape before us.

We get to apply vast varieties of shapes and colours, selecting and pairing of a wide species of green assets and setting those against the hard indigenous landscape. Sometimes the buzz comes each minute as the vista changes before our very eyes.

We are often “held back” listening to the immediate feedback of a resident or visitor to the site, yet together we stop and gaze at the work in progress, whether its lawns, borders, arbors or features, a snapshot of their life and ours, we share a moment of wonder in the living world.

The landscaper on location...

What do you like about you job?…. “Where I get to work, I’d say”.

Where are outdoor people and you will find the Talbot landscaper in many beautiful outdoor locations throughout the UK, from public realm parks to commercial or private premises, bringing sustainable colour and form to enrich the immediate environment.

Working at Buckingham Palace is a particular highlight for us. 

A great working environment, surrounded by the best possible landscaping colour, texture, form and heritage. 

One such occasion was our renovation work recently which included turfing and delivery of a strict bedding scheme on the lawns in front of the Palace.

Our horticulture team dial into the precise topiary demands and deliver that exact positioning in the flower beds. We check of finish on the edging ensuring the beds are reprofiled to strict standards.

The lawn team are purposeful in their application of undercut and removal of existing turf, decompaction, cultivation, root zone application and the laying of fine turf in small roll format followed by top dressing to complete.


Working in such great environments, getting immediate visual feedback, that’s what I like about my job.


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